Even your screams will be silent!

Isoldi Keane is the the top recruiter in all of Mormondom … using his mesmeric powers to ensnare young girls into his evil Mormon web of passion, polygamy and pamphlets! Will young Nora be strong enough to resist his wicked-sexy Mormon wiles? Or will she be forever… Trapped by the Mormons… 

… Does the Crystal Temple call you by your name? 

Nora Prescott, a young and delightsome girl, is innocent to the terrifying truth … She’s being stalked by the most notorious Mormon ever to have walked the Earth… Isoldi Keane: Seducer … mesmerizer … Mormon! 

Lurking in the shadows just beyond the safety of the once-safe Prescott villa, Isoldi lays in wait! Can Nora’s parents stop the Mormon viper from stealing her away to Utah to be his polygamous sex slave? … old Mr. Prescott a helpless paralytic and Mrs. Prescott, a hapless woman. 

With deft precision, Isoldi makes his move … he speaks to the girl… . and to her friends. Hergirlfriends… . How can they resist his all-conquering Mormon manhood? … His fiercely fine looks and evil hypnotic Mormon powers? 

Is Isoldi’s kiss … as he claims … The Kiss of a Saint? Will he marry Nora and take her away to where the Great Salt Lake meets the Crystal Temple. Or, will there, indeed, be something darker waiting for Nora … slavery … sex orgies … Death!! 

Don’t miss out on the fun as we remake the 1922 cult horror classic … Trapped by the Mormons. 

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